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Couple Goals

Falling in love is perhaps the most beautiful feeling in the world. However, building a relationship with your beloved and working hard to make it last a lifetime makes it even more special.

Wondering how you ensure that the spark in your relationship doesn’t die out? It is simple, set goals.

1. Try to go a few days without needing each other

While, it is a beautiful feeling to be in love and to experience the urge to want your partner with you all the time, it is equally important that you both separate love from just needing each other all the time. Work together to create a bond that is able to thrive without you two being together and by each other’s side all the time.

2. Keep sex interesting

Although, the inherent chemistry between the couple is the backbone of every relationship, being friends is as an element that plays just an important role in promoting a healthy relationship. Be your partner’s best friend, promote comfort when you two are having a conversation, joke around and cherish each moment just like you would with long time buddies.

3. Support each other's dreams and goals

Pay attention when your partner tells you that they wish they had the chance to continue their studies, or when they tell that you that they want to become a dancer. Don’t laugh. Pay attention. Support your partner and push them to achieve their dreams.


4. Love each other unconditionally

Loving each other unconditionally should be the goal of every relationship, as it is something that never fades. While, this goal could be tougher than building a spaceship to travel to the moon, however, let us assure you that this goal is in fact achievable. Strive towards loving each other, trusting each other and supporting each other’s decisions without expecting anything in return.

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